The purposes of the Illinois Native Plant Society are: 1) to promote the study, appreciation, and conservation of the native flora and natural communities of Illinois; 2) to provide education to the general public as to the value of the native flora and its habitat; and 3) to produce publications that provide an outlet for such information, including but not limited to, the peer-reviewed journal of the INPS (Erigenia) and the quarterly newsletter (The Harbinger).

Our vision for Illinois is a thriving native flora, a public that values native habitats and advocates for native plants, and a robust array of scientific and popular publications that educate and inform about these issues.

Activities include field trips, lectures, workshops, and gatherings. Please refer to each chapter page to learn about activities in your area.

The Illinois Native Plant Society was organized as the Southern Illinois Native Plant Society by Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock at Southern Illinois University and his son, Mark W. Mohlenbrock, in 1982. In 1986 it expanded to become the statewide organization we know today. The Society is a 501(c)(c) nonprofit and currently consists of approximately 500 members that participate at two levels, state and chapter. There are currently 7 active chapters of INPS located across the state. Members include professionals and amateurs who share an interest in all aspects of the flora native to the state of Illinois.