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Plant Profile and Peregrinations

For my birthday last summer I received a reprint of a book: “Flora von Bremen, Oldenburg, Ostfriesland und der Ostfriesischen Inseln.” It was published in 1936. Some old works still resonate, many do not. This one did. First the image on the cover piqued my curiosity—a line drawing of Rice Cut-grass [Leersia oryzoides]. Really! You…
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Plant Profiles: Native Vines & Climbers

On our May/June trip to several countries in Central Europe we took advantage of the frequent opportunities to dine outdoors. Invariably there were lots of flowers and lots of  vines, especially rambling roses  in glorious and fragrant bloom, enhancing the dining experience.

PLANT PROFILES: Melanthium and More

A few weeks ago a prominent botanist stopped by to photograph Bunch Lily [Melanthium virginicum] in flower at the Shoal Creek Conservation Area. It was a bit too late for that.

Plant Profiles: Sedges¦more specifically genus Carex

Plant Profiles: Sedges€¦ more specifically genus Carex – Our editor, Alana had suggested this topic. So have others in the past while stewing over species identification.

Plant Profiles: This ‘n’ That about Trees and Weeds

Plant Profiles: This ‘n’ That about Trees and Weeds- Pre-conference and post-conference field trips in conjunction with the 8th triennial meeting of the International Oak Society at the famed Morton Arboretum took us from some of the northernmost subtropical Cypress swamps to some of the southernmost boreal bogs. Oaks in all their diversity were the main…
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