Central Chapter 2024 Schedule

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See the Central Chapter newsletter for more details or contact Trish Quintenz – TrishQuintenz@gmail.com
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**All meetings begin at 6:30PM at Adams Wildlife Sanctuary unless otherwise noted**


No regular meeting

Plant sale committee meeting: TBA


8 – Monthly Meeting: Dr. Amy McEuen, UIS Professor of Biology

“What Does Climate Change Mean for Native Gardening?”


14 – Monthly Meeting: Dr. Melissa Pardi, ISM Geology Curator


11 – Monthly Meeting: Chris Young, IDNR


**No meeting!

10 – Plant sale set-up @ Fairgrounds

11 – Plant sale @ Fairgrounds


13 – Monthly Meeting: Robert Hendrickson, 3GFarm


11 – Monthly Meeting: TBA


8 – Monthly Meeting: Angella Moorehouse, Natural Areas Preservation Specialist


12 – Monthly Meeting: TBA


10 – Monthly Meeting: TBA


14 – Monthly Meeting: TBA


12 – Holiday Gathering: TBA


No regular meeting

Central Chapter Field Trips

Do you know of a great place in central Illinois for a field trip? Have you worked hard restoring your own prairie or woodland and would love to show it off? Please contact Lois Fox with suggestions for field trips –

Even if it’s a place we’ve visited before, we love to return to our favorite spots to see what’s new!

Here are some of the types of places that make great INPS field trips:

  • Hidden gems – places off the beaten path that aren’t well known
  • Private properties that are member-owned or that we could be granted access to
  • Restored prairies, wetlands, and woodlands
  • State parks, nature centers, and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Research and collection centers
  • Arboretums and botanical gardens
  • Places of historical interest to botanists

Old favorites that you missed visiting before or would love to see again! Please email me any and all suggestions. No place is too big or too small. If you would love to see it, someone else would too!

Contact Trish Quintenz at TrishQuintenz@gmail.com or call (217) 971-1615 for more information.