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Erigenia No. 29

  • Harris Braley Parks’ “The Trees of Macoupin County, Illinois” – William E. McClain and John E. Ebinger (view/download pdf)
  • Changes in structure and composition of woody strata at Karcher’s Post Oak Woods Nature Preserve after twenty years – Bob Edgin, Samantha Childerson, and Morgan Walder (view/download pdf)
  • Auxin-producing bacteria isolated from the roots of Illinois Spiranthes orchids – Noah Pyles, Eric Parperides, Darron Luesse, Susanne DiSalvo, and Elizabeth Esselman (view/download pdf)
  • Auxin-producing bacteria isolated from the roots of Illinois Spiranthes orchids -Noah Pyles, Eric Parperides, Darron Luesse, Susanne DiSalvo, and Elizabeth Esselman (view/download pdf)

Erigenia No. 28, Spring 2022 (download pdf)

  • Glen Spelman Winterringer (6 October 1906 – 31 January 1974) – Kathleen Marie Garness (view/download pdf)
  • Breaking physical seed dormancy of three Baptisia species with chemical scarification – Jack Zinnen, Marc Klingshirn, and Amy McEuen (view/download pdf)
  • Status and distribution of Mimosa quadrivalvis L. var. nuttallii (DC.) Barneby (Nuttall’s sensitive briar, Fabaceae) in Illinois – Henry H. Eilers, William E. McClain, John E. Ebinger, and Keith A. Horn (view/download pdf)
  • Pollinator surveys at Illinois nature preserve sites in west-central Illinois – Angella Moorehouse (view/download pdf)
  • Insect Visitors of Phemeranthus calycinus (Raf.) Kiger (Montiaceae, Large-Flowered Rockpink) in Illinois – William E. McClain and Ray K. Geroff (view/download pdf)
  • A Rare Mixed-Oak Sand Flatwoods Community, Iroquois County Conservation Area, Illinois – Paul B. Marcum, Loy R. Phillippe, John E. Ebinger (view/download pdf)
  • Vegetation of wind-blown glacial sand deposits along the Illinois River – A review – John EEbinger, William E. McClain, Loy R. Phillippe, Paul B. Marcum, Mary Ann Feist, and Daniel T. Busemeyer (view/download pdf)
  • Past, present, and possible future trends with climate change in Illinois forests – Louis R. Iverson and John B. Taft (view/download pdf)
  • Unusual form of the annual Collinsia verna Nutt. (blue-eyed Mary) observed in Will County, IllinoisMichael Ostrowski and Mark Kluge (view/download pdf)
  • Newly documented populations of two State Endangered Carex species in Lake County, Illinois – Mark Kluge and Kathleen Marie Garness (view/download pdf)
  • Erratum – Illinois Native Plant Society Flora Update Committee (view/download pdf)

Erigenia No. 27, Fall 2018 (download pdf)

  • Changes in Woody Understory and Herbaceous Vegetation, Lake Sara Post Oak Flatwoods, Effingham County, Illinois, 1989 to 2011 – John E. Ebinger, Bob Edgin, Mark Hanft, Kelly Hoffman, Stefanie Ervin, and Michael Blackowicz
  • Summary of Field Guide to Vascular Flora of Illinois, 4th Edition – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Kyllinga gracillima: A Plant New to Illinois – John Van Dyk
  • Illinois Flora Updates: New Distribution Records and Other Noteworthy Finds – Illinois Native Plant Society Flora Update Committee
  • Cyrtomium fortunei and Trillium stamineum: Two New Plant Species to Illinois – Christopher David Benda
  • Obituary: Raymond E. Stotlar Memoria

Erigenia No. 26, Spring 2013 (download pdf)

  • Botany as Advocacy: a History of the Floristic Surveys of the Waukegan Moorlands – Kathleen Garness
  • Searching for Sedges in Southern Illinois: Updating the Natural Heritage Database Records for Carex nigromarginata – Christopher David Benda
  • The General Land Office Surveyors and Their Work – Paul D. Kilburn
  • Carex of the Zion Beach-ridge Plain – Linda W. Curtis
  • Vascular Flora of a Glacial Drift Hill Prairie of Anthropogenic Origin, Macoupin County, Illinois – William McClain and John E. Ebinger
  • Continuing Floristic and Quantitative Evaluations of a Prairie Project Started in 1974 in Northern Ford County, Illinois – Don Gardner
  • Fire Maintained Barren Communities: Henry Eilers Shoal Creek Conservation Area, Montgomery County, Illinois – William McClain and John E. Ebinger
  • Notable Records of Illinois Vascular Plants – Gordon C. Tucker, Loy R. Phillippe, and John E. Ebinger
  • Memoria:  Carl E. Darigo and Stephen L. Timme

Erigenia No. 25, Spring 2012 (download pdf)

  • Elihu Hall, Illinois Botanist and Plant Explorer of the Western United States – John E. Schwegman
  • Effects of Hot Water on Breaking Seed Dormancy of the Endangered Kankakee Mallow, Iliamna remota Greene (Malvaceae) – April McDonnell, Marissa Grant, Janice Coons
  • Changes in Vegetation Abundance Following Carya (Hickory) Thinning and Prescribed Burning at Beadles Barrens Nature Preserve, Edwards County, Illinois – Bob Edgin, Roger Beadles, John E. Ebinger, Michael Blackowicz
  • Vegetation of Sand Ridge Savanna Nature Preserve, Will County, Illinois – Loy R. Phillippe, Paul B. Marcum, John E. Ebinger
  • Survival of Plants on Sloped Roofs with Ten cm of Soil – Patricia K. Armstrong
  • The Origin and Maintenance of Midwestern Hill Prairies – Paul D. Kilburn

Erigenia No. 24, Fall 2010 (download pdf)

  • Sacred Space and Restoration Ecology – Domenico D’Alessandro
  • Vascular Flora of Short Pioneer Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve, Grundy County, Illinois: Composition and Change Since 1977 – Loy R. Phillippe, Paul B. Marcum, Daniel T. Busemeyer, John E. Ebinger
  • Edge Influence on the Reproductive Success of Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Moench – BreAnne M. Nott, Elise M. Tulloss, Scott J. Meiners
  • Variation in Plant Performance among Seed Sources: Implications for Prairie Restoration – William L. Stewart and Scott J. Meiners
  • Changes in Illinois’ List of Endangered and Threatened Plant Species – Anne Mankowski and John E. Ebinger
  • Rocks, Water, Plants, and People in Southern Illinois: Beall Woods, Lusk Creek, and Pine Hills – W. Clark Ashby

Erigenia No. 23, Winter 2010 (download pdf)

  • Vascular Plant Species Extirpated or Not Vouchered as Occurring in Illinois – John E. Ebinger, Loy R. Phillippe, Michael J. C. Murphy, Gordon C. Tucker, Paul Marcum
  • Flora and Species Dominance of Green Prairie, Jasper County, Illinois – A Glacial Drift Hill Prairie on Illinoisan Till – Bog Edgin, Samantha J. Adams, Emily J. Stork, John Ebinger
  • Additions to the Volo Bog Herbarium, Illinois Nature Preserve, Lake County, Illinois – Linda W. Curtis
  • A Lifetime of Botanizing in Illinois – John E. Schwegman

Erigenia No. 22, Winter 2009 (download pdf)

  • Feasibility of Using Prairie Vegetation on a Sloped Roof with Four Inches of Soil – Patricia K. Armstrong
  • Temporal and Spatial Vegetation Dynamics in a Remnant Oak Savanna: Middlefork Savanna, Lake County, Illinois – Peter W. Jackson
  • Vegetation Survey of Tomlin Timber Nature Preserve, Mason County, Illinois – Loy R. Phillippe, James Ellis, Daniel T. Busemeyer, William E. McClain, John E. Ebinger
  • Carya (Hickories) in the Ecotonal Forests of the Illinoian Till Plain of Southern Illinois – Bob Edgin and John E. Ebinger
  • Native Plants to Restore Strip Mines – W. Clark Ashby

Erigenia No. 21, Nov 2006 (download pdf)

  • Continuing Vegetation Analyses of a Prairie Restoration in Ford County, Illinois – Don Gardner
  • Vegetation Inventory of the Emiquon Preserve, Fulton County, lllinois – Loy R. Phillippe, Daniel T. Busemeyer, Paul B. Marcum, James L. Ellis, Mary Ann Feist, Richard L. Larimore, John E. Ebinger
  • Savanna Blazing Star, Liatris cariosa (L.) Willd. var. nieuwlandii Lunell, a New Record for DuPage County, Illinois – Paul Bollinger
  • The Black Snakeroot Species (Sanicula L., Apiaceae) of Illinois – Loy R. Phillippe, Daniel T. Busemeyer, John E. Ebinger
  • Survey of the Illinois Endangered Kankakee Mallow, Iliamna remota, in Kankakee County – April L. McDonnell, Henry R. Owen, Sean C. Jones, Vincent P. Gutowski, John E. Ebinger
  • Echinodorus berteroi var. lanceolatus: a Species New to Northeastern Illinois – Robert Van Lonkuyzen, Kenneth Drtiz, Kenneth Johnson

Erigenia No. 20, Oct 2004 (download pdf)

  • Generalize Herbivore Preferences Between the Exotic Lonicera maackii (Rupr.) Maxim. and Selected Native Caprifoliaceae in Illinois – Tiffany S. Bone and Scott J. Meiners
  • Germination of Silene regia Seeds from Four Sites in Lawrence County, Illinois, Following Scarification or Stratification – Nicolette L. Flocca, Janice M. Coons, Henry R. Owen, Brian J. Fischer, Bob E. Edgin
  • Ground Layer Vegetation of Pin Oak / Swamp White Oak Flatwoods in Illinois – William E. McClain, Bob Edgin, John E. Ebinger
  • Vegetation and Soils of Oliver’s Grove Region, Livingston County, Illinois – Mary A. Cooprider, Richard L. Larimore, John E. Ebinger, William E. McClain, Vernon L. LaGesse
  • Biotic and Abiotic Effects on Lichen Community Structure in an Illinois Cemetery – Brent Wachholder, Matt S. Burmeister, Andrew S. Methven, Scott J. Meiners
  • Analysis of Prairie Restorations at Rock Springs Environmental Center, Decatur, Illinois – Jennifer A. Ward, Gordon C. Tucker, John E. Ebinger
  • Important Floristic Finds from DuPage County, Illinois – Scott N. Kobal and Wayne A. Lampa
  • Effects of Prescribed Burning on the Woody Understory at Emma Vance Woods, Crawford County, Illinois – Bob Edgin and Roger Beadles
  • Flora Updates in Illinois – Flora Updates Committee, Illinois Native Plant Society

Erigenia No. 19, Sep 2003 (download pdf)

  • Vascular Flora of the Vermilion River Observatory, Vermilion County, Illinois – Loy R. Phillippe, David M. Ketzner, Richard L. Larimore, John E. Ebinger
  • The Vascular Flora and Vegetation of Robeson Hills Nature Preserve: an Old-Growth Beech-Maple Forest in Southeastern Illinois – Bob Edgin
  • Twenty-year Woody Vegetation Changes in Northern Flatwoods and Mesic Forest at Ryerson Conservation Area, Lake County, Illinois – Marlin Bowles, Michael Johns, Christopher Dunn, Jenny McBride, Charles Bushey, Robbin Moran
  • Vegetation of Allison Prairie – A Gravel Prairie Reconstruction in Lawrence County, Illinois – Bob Edgin, Brian Garrard, Gordon C. Tucker, John E. Ebinger
  • Composition and Structure of a Post Oak Woods in Hamilton County, Illinois – William E. McClain and John E. Ebinger
  • Illinois Flora Updates: New Distribution Records and Other Noteworthy Finds – Illinois Native Plant Society Flora Updates Committee

Erigenia No. 18, Oct 2000 (download pdf)

  • The Correspondence of Soil Types with Plant Community Types in Natural Areas of Cook County Illinois – Thomas B. Simpson and Christiane Rey
  • The Genus Agrimonia (Rosaceae) in Illinois – Genevieve J. Kline and Paul D. Sorensen
  • Effects of Annual Burning on Populations of Cassia fasciculata (Fabaceae: Caesalpiniodae) with a Review of Its Systematics and Biology – Don C. Gardner and Kenneth R. Robertson
  • Structural Composition and Species Richness Indices for Upland Forests of the Chicago Region – Marlin Bowles, Michael Jones, Jenny McBride, Tim Bell, Christopher Dunn
  • Native Midwestern Plants for Golf Course Landscapes – Tom Voigt
  • The Illinois Populations of Phaeophyscia leana, One of the World’s Rarest Lichens – Gerould Wilhelm, Linda Masters, Jody Shimp
  • Some Notable Plant Records from East-Central and Southern Illinois – Gordon C. Tucker

Erigenia No. 17, May 1999 (download pdf)

  • Annals of Illinois Ethnobotany: Groundnut or Wild Potato (Apios americana Medik.) – Ray Schulenberg
  • The Avens Species (Geum L., Rosaceae) of Illinois – Michael B. Wenzel and John E. Ebinger
  • The Lichen Flora of the Cook County Forest Preserves, Part V: Salt Creek Division – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • The Lichen Flora of Ford County – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • Vegetation of Badger (Taxidea taxus) and Plains Pocket Gopher (Geomys bursarius) Mounds in the Sand Areas of West-Central Illinois – Bradley A. Fulk and John E. Ebinger
  • Restoration of Aspects of Native Soil Quality Through Conversion of Agricultural Lands to Cultivated Hayfields – Chris Wheeler and Kelly McConnaughay
  • Buffalograss (Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.) in Illinois – Tom Voigt

Erigenia No. 16, May 1998 (download pdf)

  • The Lichen Flora of Chicago and Vicinity: One Hundred Years of Lichenology – Gerould S. Wilhelm
  • The Lichen Flora of Cook County Forest Preserves, Part I: Palos Division – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • The Lichen Flora of Cook County Forest Preserves, Part I: Sag Valley Division – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • The Lichen Flora of Cook County Forest Preserves, Part III: North Branch Division – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • The Lichen Flora of Cook County Forest Preserves, Part IV: Skokie Division – Richard D. Hyerczyk
  • Bird Takes a “Lichen” to a Nest – Linda Masters and Floyd Swink
  • Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) Trin.: Addition to the Flora of Illinois – James F. Steffen
  • Notes on Some Woody Plant Species Naturalized in Illinois – John E. Ebinger and William McClain
  • A Family Index to the Illustrated Flora of Illinois – Joanna Turner and George Yatskievych

Erigenia No. 15, Nov 1997 (download pdf)

  • Floristic Quality Assessment for Vegetation in Illinois, A Method for Assessing Vegetation Integrity – John B. Taft, Gerould S. Wilhelm, Douglas M. Ladd, Linda A. Masters

Erigenia No. 14, Nov 1995 (download pdf)

  • Illinois’ Small Whorled Pogonia Orchids – John E. Schwegman
  • Thismia americana N. E. Pfeiffer, A History – Linda A. Masters
  • The Status of Aster schreberi Nees (Schreber’s Aster) in Illinois – John E. Ebinger
  • Prairie Restoration on an East-Central Illinois Field – Don Gardner
  • Vegetation Analysis of a Prairie Restoration, Ford County, Illinois – Don Gardner
  • Effects of Different Fire Regimes on the Ground Layer Vegetation of a Dry Sand Savanna, Hooper Branch Nature Preserve, Iroquis County, Illinois – Kenneth C. Johnson and John E. Ebinger
  • Fifty Years of Change in Illinois Hill Prairies – Kenneth R. Robertson, Mark W. Schwartz, Jeffrey W. Olson, Brian K. Dunphy, H. David Clarke
  • Woody Vegetation Survey of Bois du Sangamon Nature Preserve, an Upland Forest in Macon County, Illinois – Douglas J. Haug and John E. Ebinger
  • Additions to the Vascular Flora of Illinois – Mark A. Basinger
  • New Populations of Rare Species in Southern Illinois – Robert Todd Bittner

Erigenia No. 13, June 1994 (download pdf)

Proceedings of the Illinois Forest Conference: Forests of the Prairie State, 26-27 September 1992, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston

  • Forest Resource Trends in Illinois – Louis R. Iverson
  • Woody Plants of Illinois – Kenneth R. Robertson
  • Higher Fungi of Illinois Forests – Andrew S. Methven
  • Illinois Department of Conservation Division of Forest Resouces Nursery Program – Steward Pequignot
  • What is Killing the Pines in Illinois? – James E. Appleby
  • Stewardship of Forested Nature Preserves – Gretchen Bonfert
  • Vegetative Dynamics of the Prairie/Forest Interface of Cole Creek Hill Prairie – William E. Werner, Jr.
  • Exotics of Illinois Forests – John Schwegman
  • Native Actinorhizal Plants of Illinois – Jeffrey O. Dawson and Mark W. Paschke
  • Fighting for Life: A Plan for Endangered Plans – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • The Occurrence of Prairie and Forest Fires in Illinois and Other Midwestern States, 1679 to 1854 – William E. McClain and Sherrie E. Elzinga
  • Overstory Vegetation along an Upland to Swamp Gradient in Southern Illinois – Philip A. Robertson
  • A Sampling of Arthropod Diversity From a Central Illinois Woodland – Michael Jeffords and Susan Post
  • Forest Birds in Illinois: Changes in Abundances and Breeding Ecology – Jeffrey D. Brawn and Scott K. Robinson
  • Effects of Riparian Buffers in Reducing Agricultural Pollution in Champaign County, Illinois – David A. Kovacic and Lewis L. Osborne
  • Endangered and Threatened Animal Species of Illinois Forests – James R. Herkert
  • Native Trees for Urban Use: Urbanization of Illinois Forests – George H. Ware
  • Effects of Simulated Stratospheric Ozone Depletion on Seedling Growth of Several Species of Hardwood Trees – Evan H. DeLucia, Shawna L. Naidu, Jeannie Chen
  • Floristic Changes after Five Growing Seasons in Burned and Unburned Woodland – Gerould Wilhelm and Linda Masters

Erigenia No. 12, Nov 1992 (download pdf)

  • Woody Vegetation Survey of Barkhausen Woods, a Closed Canopy Sand Forest in Mason County, Illinois – David T. Coates, Sean E. Jenkins, John E. Ebinger
  • Woody Vegetation Survey of Sullivan Woods, Moultrie County, Illinois – Sandra S. Baumgartner, Sean E. Jenkins, Michael A. Jenkins, John E. Ebinger
  • Additions to the Flora of Ford County, Illinois – Don Gardner
  • Changes in Illinois’ List of Endangered and Threatened Plant Species – James R. Herkert
  • Iliamna remota: An Illinois Native Returns Home – Larry R. Morrison
  • Status and Population Fluctuations of the Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid [Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindl.] in Illinois – Marlin Bowles and Robyn Flakne
  • Technical Comments on the Proposed Revisions to the 1989 Wetland Delineation Manual – Gerould Wilhelm

Erigenia No. 11, Mar 1991 (download pdf)

  • The Vascular Flora of Langham Island, Kankakee County, Illinois – John E. Schwegman
  • New Records for Illinois Vascular Plants – John E. Schwegman
  • Illinois’ Native Snowberry – Dick Young
  • Forest Glen’s Savanna Project – Ken Konsls and Doris Westfal
  • Woody Understory of Baber Woods, Edgar County, Illinois – Jacqueline M. Landes and John E. Ebinger
  • Vegetation of Wolf Creek State Park, Shelby County, Illinois – Shaun A. Newell, Lucinda L. Horton, John E. Ebinger
  • Rarely Seen Endangered Plants, Rediscoveries, and Species New to Illinois – Marlin L. Bowles, John B. Taft, Eric F. Ulaszek, Mary Kay Solecki, David M. Ketzner, Loy R. Phillippe, Ann Dennis, Phillip J. Burton, Kenneth R. Robertson
  • Some Aspects of the Status and Ecology of Seven Rare Wetland Plant Species in the Chicago Region of Northeastern Illinois – Marlin L. Bowles

Erigenia No. 10, Oct 1988 (download pdf)

  • The Illinois Status of Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. var. niewlandii Lunell: A New Threatened Species for Illionis – Marlin Bowles, Gerald Wilhelm, Stephen Packard
  • Clintonia – An Unusual Story – Floyd Swink
  • New Distribution Records for the Vascular Flora of Northern Illinois – Erwin F. Evert
  • Illinois “Native” Mock Orange – John E. Schwegman
  • Macrolichens of Pounds Hollow – Gerould Wilhelm and Annette Parker
  • The Vascular Flora of Langham Island Kankakee County, Illinois – John. E. Schwegman

Erigenia No. 9, Sep 1987 (download pdf)

  • Murphysboro Marsh – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Taxa New to Illinois in Guide to the Vascular Flora of Illinois, Revised and Enlarged Edition – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • New Distribution Data for Illinois Vascular Plants III – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Narrow-leaved Virginia Snakeroot, Aristolochia serpentaria var. hastata, An Endangered Plant in Illinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • An Overview of the Selective Advantage of Cleistogamy in the Poaceae – Sharon E. Bartholomew
  • Major Nomenclatural Changes in Guide to the Vascular Flora in Illinois, Revised and Enlarged Edition – Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Erigenia No. 8, Jan 1987 (download pdf)

  • The Lower Cache River Basin of Southern Illinois – Max D. Hutchison

Erigenia No. 7, Jul 1986 (download pdf)

  • Algific (Cold Producing) Slopes in Illinois and Their Vascular Flora – John E. Schwegman
  • Presettlement Vegetation of Douglas County, Illinois – John E. Ebinger
  • A Floristic Study of Cave Valley/Pomona Natural Bridge – Thomas Sadowski
  • The Use and Folklore of Common Prairie Plants – Russell R. Kirt

Erigenia No. 6, Dec 1985 (download pdf)

  • The Genus Penstemon (Scrophulariaceae) in Illinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock and Lawrence R. Stritch
  • Illinois Natural Areas: Piney Creek Nature Preserve – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Book Review: Growing and Propagating Wild Flowers
  • Illinois Flora Update: Nomenclatural Realignments in the Illinois Flora – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • A Floristics Study of Fountain Bluff, Jackson County, lllinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Illinois Threatened & Endangered Plants: Bishop’s-Weeds of the Genus Ptilimnium (Apiaceae) in lllinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock and Keith Wilson
  • Nomenclatural Equivalencies in the Illinois Flora II. Dictons I. – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • A Guide to the Goldenrods of Illinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Erigenia No. 5, Feb 1985 (download pdf)

  • Vascular Flora of the Larue-Pine Hills Area of Southern Illinois – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Natural History Bibliography of Larue-Pine Hills – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Recent Developments in Thismia americana N. E. Pfeiffer – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Mistletoe and its Christmas Tradition – Lawrence Stritch
  • The Taxonomic Status of Panicum joori Vasey – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Illinois Flora Update: New Distribution Data for Illinois Vascular Plants II – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Southern Illinois Gardening: Herb Gardener’s Notebook – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Super Sites for Spring Wildflowers
  • Illinois Natural Areas: Hogg Bluff – Jerry Hinkley

Erigenia No. 4, Aug 1984 (download pdf)

  • The Meaning, Experience and Dimensions of Prairie – John Voigt
  • The Prairies of Southern Illinois – John Voigt
  • On the Origin and Maintenance of La Grand Prairie of Illinois – Lewis J. Stannard
  • Original Prairies in Southern Illinois: As Enumerated in County and Other Historical and Geographic Sources – John Voigt
  • The Selection of Appropriate Species for Prairie Landscaping of the Home – Rene Frasher, Gerald D. Coorts, Melvut Canagir

Erigenia No. 3, Dec 1983 (download pdf)

  • New Distribution Data for Illinois Vascular Plants – Douglas M. Ladd and Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Additions to the Illustrated Flora of Illinois II. Ferns – Robert H. Mohlenbrock
  • Nomenclatural Equivalences in the Illinois Flora I. Monocots – Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Erigenia No. 2, Apr 1983 (download pdf)

  • Paleozoic Life and Climates of Southern Illinois – George Fraunfelter
  • Field Log to the Devonian, Mississippi, and Pennsylvanian Systems of Jackson and Union Counties, Illinois – Mark W. Mohlenbrock
  • Landforms of the Natural Divisions of Southern Illinois – Stanley E. Harris, Jr.
  • The Soils of Southern Illinois – B. Klubek, J. Johns, E. C. Varsa

Erigenia No. 1, Aug 1982 (download pdf)

  • Why Collect Plant Specimens? – Jay Raveill
  • Where to Collect Plants – Jay Raveill
  • The Ethics of Plant Collecting – Lawrence R. Stritch
  • Collecting Plant Specimens (An Outline with Appendices) – Wanda Oskins
  • An Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms – Mark W. Mohlenbrock