Illinois Native Plant Society Grant Program Applications Are Now Open

Photo of Mimulus glabratus var. jamesii (Yellow Monkey-flower)

Open for Submissions Through January 31, 2021

Research Grant

Students, citizen scientists, conservation groups and institutions are alerted to consider applying for an INPS Research Grant for up to $2500 to fund one-year projects. The grant is for research-focused studies on Illinois native plants such as life history, reproductive biology, demography, genetics, comparative site inventories, community ecology, as well as research on threats to native plants and communities, such as invasive species. Laboratory research as well as projects focused on research relating to education about or restoration of native plants and plant communities will be considered. Projects involving student research or volunteers will be given special consideration. All projects must demonstrate how they support the mission of the Illinois Native Plant Society.

Survey Grant

INPS is also excited to continue its new second grant for 2021: the Survey Grant. This grant for up to $5000 will fund searches for Illinois Endangered, Threatened or some rare species for which current data is inadequate to assess their status and for which field surveys and recovery recommendations are needed. INPS worked with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to develop a priority list of species for the surveys. Experienced botanical field surveyors, either independent or associated with an institution, are invited to apply for this grant. Partnerships are encouraged.

Applications must be received by January 31, 2021. Awards will be announced by March 31, 2021.

INPS is grateful to be able to increase its grant award amounts this year, thanks to contributions from membership fees, generous donations to the Grant Program, proceeds from the 2019 Annual Gathering, and support from the Central Chapter for one grant conducting studies within the Central Illinois counties.