Kankakee Torrent Chapter’s 2023 Blooming Botanist Grant

Explanation & Guidelines

The Illinois Native Plant Society’s Kankakee Torrent Chapter’s Blooming Botanist Grant (Grant) was developed to inspire and train the next generation of botanists through improving skills identifying, monitoring and conserving native plants and their ecosystems.

Availability of Funding

Grant is available in the amount of $1,200.


The summer Blooming Botanist grant is targeted at students in either their junior or senior year of high school or the first two years of college who live in Will County, Illinois or adjacent counties.

Important Dates

February 1, 2023: Grant applications accepted

April 22, 2023: Application period closes

April 30, 2023: Awardee notification

May 1, 2023: Grant period begins

May 15, 2023: Morton Arboretum’s basic botany course successfully completed

August 15, 2023: Grant work completed

Stipend and Support

The grantee will receive funds, paid training and supplies to help them with their botanical learning.

  1. Grantees will receive $1,200 over the course of the summer in four $300 payments upon proof of successfully performing work.
  2. Grantees will receive online training from the Morton Arboretum’s Basic Plant ID class (guest $23 as of January 2023) paid for by the Kankakee Torrent Chapter of INPS.
  3. Grantees will receive a copy of Robert H. Molhenbrock’s, Vascular Flora of Illinois and a 10x field lens.

Grant Tasks:

Grantees are expected to successfully pass trainings and participate in all grant activities to the satisfaction of each organization leading the activity or training. Grantees must:

  1. Sign grant agreement committing to performing grant tasks, as well as liability and safety waivers.
  2. Keep, maintain and submit a daily journal recording their experiences participating in grant tasks, including the date, beginning and ending time of their participation in the activity, with signature of activity leader at each event.
  3. Perform at least 25 hours of grant activities each quarter in order to be paid their quarterly stipend.
  4. Perform grant activities through the course of the grant period (early-May to early-August).
  5. Pass the Morton Arboretum’s Basic Plant ID class within 15 days of starting grant.
  6. Fully participate in Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie’s Vegetation Monitoring Team and the Chicago Botanical Garden Plants of Concern Monitoring Project at Midewin.
  7. Participate in Forest Preserve District of Will County’s restoration workdays (at least 4 events) and their Plants of Concern monitoring.
  8. Provide their own transportation and costs to and from events.
  9. Be properly dressed for field work. Standard field attire includes: sturdy durable shoes/boots, LaCrosse (or equivalent) knee high rubber boots, long pants and long sleeve shirt made of light weight durable fabric and wide-brimmed hat. Grantee should also carry a light weight day pack to carry at least one quart of water, sunscreen, field guide and insect repellent.
  10. Take at least 5 color pictures of grant activities or species monitored and submit them to the Chapter prior to receiving final grant payment.

Application Process

Applicants may submit proposals by email, or the US postal service. Each application must contain a completely filled out application, along with an essay of less than 500 words about their interest in local plants and an explanation of how the award money would help them meet their academic and career goals. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. Confirmation of receipt of application will be made by email upon submission.
  2. Applicants will be notified by April 30, 2023 of the outcome of their application.
  3. Successful applicants (recipients) will be asked to confirm via email that they agree to accept funding, and will comply with the grant criteria as outlined in this document.
  4. Following receipt of the confirmation email by the Kankakee Torrent Chapter, recipients will be sent a contract to be signed and returned to the Kankakee Torrent Chapter for the President’s signature.
  5. The Kankakee Torrent Chapter will issue a 1099-MISC federal tax form to grant recipients in January of the year following receipt of $600 or greater in the previous year.
  6. All grant work must be completed and daily journal submitted for approval by August 15, 2023, along with at least five color, high quality digital images depicting grant activities and/or plant species studied. Pictures submitted to the Kankakee Torrent Chapter will become the property of the Chapter for use promoting the Chapter, INPS and our activities.

Submitting a Blooming Botanist Grant Application

To apply for the Blooming Botanist Grant, download the 2023 Blooming Botanist Grant Application using the link below. Complete the application and submit it to Andy Neill (ajneill63@gmail.com).

Download the Blooming Botanist Grant Description & Application