Native Plant Sales Data Entry Form

Use this form to add native plant sale information. When you click on the submit button, the entry will be placed into the “waiting for approval” queue. Upon approval it will appear in the Native Plant Sale list.

  • This is the name of the sale or the organization sponsoring the sale (or both).
  • This is the first date for the actual plant sale or plant pick up date. Some organizations allow for pre-orders, put that date information in the pre-order text box below.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If the sale is held on a second day, enter that date here.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Enter the start and end time for the sale. If the sale is on multiple days and each day has a different time, just note that here. For example: Sat. 9AM to 2PM, Sun. 12 to 2PM.
  • Some sales allow for pre-ordering
  • If the sale is to be held in a specific, named location (e.g. Euclid Methodist Church parking lot) include that information here. Include the address of the location in the address boxes below.
  • Physical location where the sale will be held
  • Link for pre-orders or additional information
  • Use this box for any additional information about the sale, e.g. contact name and/or phone number.
  • This information will be used by the Illinois Native Plant Society to contact you with questions or issues related to the listing. We would prefer an email address. This information will not be shared with anyone other than INPS staff.