Northeast Chapter Local Resources

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  • Flora of the Chicago Region: a Floristic and Ecological Synthesis by Gerould Wilhelm and Laura Rericha (2017), Indiana Academy of Sciences
  • Plants of the Chicago Region by Floyd Swink and Gerould Wilhelm (1994), Indiana Academy of Sciences
  • A Natural History of the Chicago Region by Joel Greenberg (2002), University of Chicago Press
  • The Chicago River: A Natural and Unnatural History by Libby Hill (2019 revised edition), Southern Illinois University Press

    For more plant identification resources relevant to the whole state and adjoining ones, see


Northeastern Illinois is rich in opportunities to get involved with plant conservation and ecological restoration. Check out some of these groups and resources:

Wild Things Community – Stewards, monitors, advocates, educators, Chicago Wilderness members, volunteers, and staff, all working together to promote and protect the prairies, woodlands, wetlands, wild yards, and natural parks of northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana, and southeast Wisconsin.

North Branch Restoration Project – A long-time group of restoration volunteers working along the north branch of the Chicago River.

Wild Ones – Advocating for native plants in the landscape through a number of chapters in our region.

Chicago Environmental Network – A clearinghouse for environmental/conservation-related jobs and volunteer opportunities in the Chicago region.