Sedging at Harms Woods

INPS Northeast Chapter members appreciating Carex species at Harms Woods with site steward, John Balaban. Photo by Evan Barker.

Northeast Chapter members who joined site steward, John Balaban, and North Branch Restoration Project volunteer, Katie Miller, at Harms Woods Forest Preserve on June 8 were rewarded by a generous abundance of sedges. Thirty-one Carex species were identified during the outing, including one state-endangered and one state-threatened species (not listed here). The woodland wildflowers also did not disappoint, with Conopholis americana (cancer root), Eunoymus obovatus (running strawberry bush) and Lithospermum latifolium (American gromwell) representing some of the more uncommon species that were encountered. Thanks to Katie Miller and Mark Kluge for providing the species list.

Species Identified:

Carex albursina
Carex blanda
Carex buxbaumii
Carex cephalophora
Carex crinita
Carex cristatella
Carex davisii
Carex gracillima
Carex granularis
Carex grayi
Carex grisea
Carex haydenii
Carex hirtifolia
Carex intumescens
Carex jamesii
Carex lupulina
Carex muskingumensis
Carex pellita
Carex pensylvanica
Carex radiata
Carex rosea
Carex shortiana
Carex sparganioides
Carex sprengelii
Carex squarrosa
Carex stipata
Carex tenera
Carex vulpinoidea
Carex woodii