Southern Chapter Videos

The Southern Chapter started hosting virtual meetings in 2020 in response to COVID-19 and is providing recordings of the presentations from those meeting, These recordings are open and free to watch. Our plans are to continue recording meetings and will update this page as new recordings are made available.

Kevin Sierzega (Illinois Nature Preserves Commission) describes the many successful projects to conserve land for plants and animals across southern Illinois.

Nick Seaton gives a tour of the plants in a hike to Leisure City Natural Area. Then, Breanna Whitley, graduate student at Southern Illinois University, describes interactions between plants and moths in our area in honor of National Moth Week (

Nick Seaton describes planning a hike through the Panther Den Wilderness Area in beautiful southern Illinois. Join him to see the plants you might see on a trip to this natural area. Then, Dr. Kurt Neubig relates recent taxonomic changes to the grapeferns and why they were made.

Dr. Lucas Majure describes relationships, polyploidy, hybridization, and morphology of the prickly pear cacti (Opuntioideae), with a focus on the taxa found in Illinois and the midwest.